Magnetic Stud Finder – Simple Yet Powerful – No Batteries Required

Magnetic stud finders are a good choice for people who want to hang the occasional piece of framed artwork, or bathroom towel bar. Also it is an excellent backup stud finder that requires no batteries. You can stick one to the side of your refrigerator or toolbox, so you always know where it is. The magnetic stud finder uses a powerful rare earth (neodymium) magnet to locate the nail or screw that the builder used to attach the wallboard to the stud. The process to find these nails is simple; just slide the device back and forth along the wall until you hear a clicking sound from the stud finder, or until the stud finder simply sticks to the wall, resisting further movement.


Our Favorite Magnetic Stud Finder – StudPop®

StudPop® magnetic stud finder. Unique popper indicates when it finds the metal fasteners in studs. Invented by a contractor. Works on sheetrock, plaster, lath, tile. No batteries. Makes stud finding fun! USA made. Amazon will choose color.

Of all of the magnetic stud finders, the StudPop® had the strongest magnet. Which made it easier to find screws. Especially through plaster.

Additional Magnetic Stud Finder

CH Hanson is an incredibly simple magnetic stud finder that features a level bubble that allows you to have a clear idea of the vertical location of the stud. It works on wood or metal studs, and uses multiple industrial strength magnets to “Field Vector” the stud.

Simply slide the flat surface of the magnetic stud finder slowly across the wall in a circular or “S” motion until you feel a strong pull to a nail head or screw. Once you have the magnetic stud finder directly above a nail head or screw, let it go and it sticks to the wall. You’ve found your stud.

Using the Diamond Resource Stud Thud Magnetic Stud Finder, finding studs has never been this easy on sheetrock, tile, plaster, lath and plaster, floors or ceilings. An extremely powerful moving magnet makes finding the studs in the walls, ceilings and trim easy and foolproof. Unlike the more expensive electronic models on the market, there’s no guesswork with different surface thicknesses or internal materials in your walls or ceilings. Super strong, super sensitive dual magnets for superior detection and no false readings. The double action locator gives a distinct “thud” plus a strong magnetic pull to show precisely where the stud is. No batteries needed and fits in a pocket so its always ready when you need it.

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